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    Question Thread?


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    Question Thread?

    Post  Sayuri on Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:10 am

    Maybe there should be a Question Thread just so new members can post questions they have about the site. I see that there are only 12 registered users and it's been open for around a year so having one may be useless atm but if site wants new members then, might be a good idea. I for one have a few questions which leads me to another part for the forum.

    There should also be a section to go to for new members. This part may show what to do next now that they have joined (i.e make a character then show the link for it then what to do after) along with showing a list of all the different race so they wouldn't have to continually go back and forth in the legend area to look at them.

    You can practically combine the two into one topic and having them in my opinion is just a bit more organized and makes it easier for new members. An introduction topic would be nice too and it can all be combined together with the intro to be the main topic.

    I know it seems to be all common sense stuff but for those not familiar with forumotion or a fight rp at all may be lost especially with the many topics that are already provided. Coming from another forumotion site, I'm already familiar with a lot of things except some are just different. And I don't know where to post my questions since there isn't anyone one in the chat to ask.


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    Re: Question Thread?

    Post  Kiiro on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:55 pm

    Yeah, I'll work on it. I have to get time to be on more.

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